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Elevation 249 feet, Fairfax County, Virginia          GPS 38 46'20.40"N :  77 4'54.07"W
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2009 - 2016 Event Highlights  !!
US 1 Wall of Aviation, Space Shuttle Discovery Flyover, Historic Markers,  First Pitch,
PBS Cameos, and more  !!

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Historic Airports Immortalized in Stainless Steel !!

US Route 1 Wall of Aviation

August 2, 2013 -- Dedication of the US Route 1 Wall of Aviation. Plan a visit today! FREE on-street parking (Ladson Lane) adjacent to wall. (click for google mapping)
August 2, 2013 -- Dedication of the US Route 1 Wall of Aviation L->R: Harry P. Lehman, Robert Beach, Anna Marie Hicks {photo courtesy Marcus Wadsworth}

Historic Hybla Valley, 2 August 2013 --  Friends of Beacon Field Airport were thrilled to be part of the first ever US Route 1 Wall of Aviation which was unveiled today at the corner of Route 1 and Ladson Lane on COSTCO frontage.    Friends who had been involved in the design and content had not seen the finished panels and anxiously awaited the unveiling.

Michael Armstead of Whiting-Turner works rapidly in prep for the reveal

Road construction was not yet complete and last minute tidying up of the expansive corner by the Whiting-Turner construction team gave perfect forum for the dedication event attended by Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay,  Architect Brian Kendell of MulvannyG2, and Harry Lehman of Friends of Beacon Field.  

Supervisor McKay noted that this project was very important to the revitalization of the Route 1 Richmond Highway corridor and a focal point for pedestrians.

Harry P. Lehman speaks of site history before the panel unveiling
Harry Lehman spoke of Beacon Field and Hybla Valley Airports and noted that the location of the new Costco is on the site of metro Washington’s first drive-in, the  Mt. Vernon Automobile Open Air Theatre.   

The ceremony concluded with the suspenseful reveal as Brian Kendell orchestrated the unveil panel by panel with plenty of opportunity for photos !   The exquisite and sophisticated stainless steel panels are dramatically set in a wall shaped like a delta wing.   The panels feature notable local aviators, prominent airport features, and descriptive text.    This highly visible and unobstructed location is perfectly situated at the gateway to Route 1 aviation history .   
So the next time you are on the Highway of Cool, stop and take in a little aviation history !!     Costco opened August 8th

To read more about the individuals in the panels HJ Lehman click here,  to learn more about E.W. Robertson and Hybla Valley click here.
FoBFA have posted  the full US Route 1 Wall of Aviation text on the national marker database.  Click here to go direct to at!

Mr. Brian Kendell -- MulvannyG2 Architects
Supervisor McKay and daughter unveil the larger than life HJ Lehman
Beacon Field Airport® Revealed in NEW PBS TV Series

Click for DVD/Blu Ray

April 18, 2012, Historic Beacon Field, Va ---  Congratulations to Lion TV and Yul Kwon for presenting an exceptional capture of the challenges facing the early aviation pioneers in transcontinental flight in Episode 2 of America Revealed which aired at 10pm.  Yul traveled to probably America's last operating beacon located in Montana and climbed the 90 foot steel tower to deliver his message. This was the BEST depiction of the evolution of marking the airways we have seen!!   Of course, we were also thrilled with the inclusion of Beacon Field Airport and credits to FOBFA at the end  !!   Catch it here if you missed it !


April 17, 2012 -- With military precision at exactly 10:00 AM EST the Space Shuttle Discovery atop a 747 escorted by a USAF T-38 flew over the Beacon Field Airport Marker to the thrill of onlookers.
APRIL 17, 2012, 10AM EST over Beacon Field Airport
 Little League Sponsor Appreciation

August 2nd, 2014 --   The Alexandria Potomac Little League presented 2 plaques to the Friends of Beacon Field for the sponsorship of the Beacon Pirates and Beacon Nationals.   The spring 2014 season was a wet one with lots of rescheduled games but all in all a successful program!!


APLL Spring 2014
April 5, 2014 -- Opening Day Spring 2014 --   
Friends of Beacon Field Airport are proud to be Spring 2014 sponsors of the 170 player strong Alexandria Potomac Little League and to have participated in the opening day ceremonies led by APLL President Michele Burgess.   From the minors to the majors division teams, fresh new jerseys stood out on the very green ball field on a very windy day.   Following the running of the bases, as a sponsor of two teams (Beacon Pirates and Beacon Nationals), Harry Lehman lined up on the mound to throw the first pitches.  

Youth baseball has been popular in the Beacon area for over 50 years.   The earliest games were held on the old Beacon Field Airport (see aerial below) until Bucknell fields were developed.  Recently, an Eagle Scout undertook a badge achievement project and designed and built the two very well constructed dugout buildings.   

Vice President APLL Shawn Bennett, right and Team Sponsor Harry Lehman
Local politicians and Little League alumni Supervisor Jeff McKay and Delegate Scott Surrovell also participated and reinforced the merit of LL baseball.

Another local Little League alumni, Shawn Bennett, is now the Vice President on the APLL Board of Directors.  

A season opener home run!   See later !!!

HIGH NOON at Hybla Valley Airport !!!

3/23/2012: Friends of Beacon Field Airport Harry Lehman and Anna Marie Hicks REJOICE at the new HVA Marker Installation!!! Story below!
HVA Marker Installed 3/23/2012

March 23, 2012, Historic Hybla Valley, Va ---   At high noon on this very warm 85 degree March day, the much anticipated installation of the Hybla Valley Airport Historic Marker was accomplished !     Friends of Beacon Field Airport were all smiles at the picturesque weather and location courtesy of Five Guys Burger and Fries !!!  

Visit the Hybla Valley Airport website for history and photos.   This marker and other nearby markers are also listed on the national Historic Marker Database website . 

Five Guys, 7622 Richmond Highway location. (CLICK for GOOGLE mapping)

Historic Hybla Valley Airport website takes Off !

Circa 1939, Flying north, Photographer Harry J. Lehman
September 9, 2011 -- Historic Beacon Field, VA   
To commemorate Orville Wright's first one-hour airplane flight at Fort Myer, Virginia, on this day in 1908,  we are pleased to announce the debut of our new website dedicated to the preservation and history of the little known Hybla Valley Airport and Hybla Valley Speedway.   The website is  and includes lots of photographs, history and information on the upcoming installation of the Fairfax County Historic Marker.

Hybla Valley Airport operated from 1924 to 1956 and was home to commercial aviation, private pilot training, a US Navy airbase, hot rod Speedway, and international attention. 

click to + : Hybla Valley Airport circa 1950 -- Restaurant, Lounge and Passenger area, Gas Refueling, General Offices. Route 1 billboard behind white house.
November 2009 - March 31, 2010

Barnstormers and Mailmen:
Local Airport History

Huntley Meadows Park Visitor Center

Ms. Carolyn Gamble, Site Mgr Huntley Meadows
Ms. Carolyn Gamble, Site Mgr Huntley Meadows
November 10, 2009, Huntley Meadows Park, Fairfax County --   Friends of Beacon Field Airport are pleased to announce the Barnstormers and Mailmen: Local Airport History Exhibit at the Huntley Meadows Park Visitor Center on display through February extended thru March.    This exhibit is in support of defining the aviation heritage of Huntley Meadows and surrounding area.  Friends of Beacon Field coordinated with Ms. Carolyn Gamble, Huntley Meadows Site Manager, and Mr. Charles Davis, to produce the exhibit encompassing the early histories of US Air Mail,  Hybla Valley Airport (Alexandria Airport), and Beacon Field Airport.   
The exhibit presents a synopsis of "Zeppelin Fever" that ignited international interest in Hybla Valley as the ideal base port for transatlantic Zeppelin travel.    Additionally, the history of the origin of the name for Beacon Field is presented along with the significance of CAM-19 US Air Mail route.    

Barnstormers and Mailmen
includes maps, photos, newpaper articles, and commemorative US stamps.    
Please visit  the Fairfax County Huntley Meadows Park website for special winter hours and directions.

Picture Above L to R:   Ms. Kathi McNeil, President of Friends of Huntley Meadows Harry P. Lehman, grandson of W.F.P. Reid; and Mr. Charles Davis, Retired Airline Pilot and Author of Across the Mekong: The True Story of An Air America Helicopter Pilot .  

June 2010

Route 1 Goes Historic 1 July 2010 !!!

15 June 2010 - Historic Beacon Field, VA  --   Effective July 1, 2010,  US Route 1 will be officially designated HISTORIC US 1 through out the state of Virginia thanks to the efforts of Virginia 44th District Delegate Scott Surovell !!      The success, prosperity and origin of Beacon Field Airport was based upon its US Route 1 location.   Freshman Delegate Surovell's district includes much of the Beacon Field and Groveton area.    Job well done goes to Governor McDonnell and Delegate Surovell who in his own words:

"During a 2010 floor session,  I noticed a bill, Virginia House Bill 530, designating U.S. 1 through Chesterfield County as Historic Route 1 as a local economic development measure. After speaking to the sponsor, I put together a coalition of thirty-one Democratic and Republican legislators who signed my letter to Governor McDonnell resulting in his amendment to designate all of US 1 as Historic Route 1 including the road through our community.  This designation should bring new signage, attention, and statewide recognition to our community's primary artery."  --Del. Surovell


Beacon Field Airport
50th Anniversary Closing
Commemoration Ceremony

Mr. Harry P. Lehman thanks Ms. Linda Waller of Supervisor McKay's office

October 1, 2009, Historic Beacon Field, VA --  Friends of Beacon Field Airport met to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the closing of the airfield in 1959.     Notable attendees included  previous employees of Beacon Field,  Mr. Albert Steidel  and his younger brother Mr. Billy SteidelMr. Al Steidel was a 30 year career commercial pilot for Alleghany Air.   Also in attendance was Mr. Mayo Stuntz, a Fairfax County History Commissioner,  who has been a long time supporter of the effort to recognize Beacon Field.  He and his wife, Connie,  have written many books on the history of Fairfax County. 

Friends of Beacon Field were pleased to announce their acceptance into the Virginia Department of Transportation VDOT Adopt-A-Highway Program for the portion of South Kings Highway running from Harrison Lane to Franklin Street.      Friends agreed to perform litter pickup four times/year for two years.  

Certificates of Appreciation plaques were given to Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay and Staff with Ms. Linda Waller accepting, for their help with the dedication ceremony,   Beacon Starbucks Store Manager, Mr. Brandon Perkett, for his continuing support in preserving the history of Beacon Field,  and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Emrico for their unsurpassed efforts in promoting the significance of Beacon Field.

Mr. Lehman thanks Beacon Starbucks's' Manager, Mr. Brandon Perkett
Mr. Lehman expresses great appreciation for the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Emrico
L to R: Anna Marie Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. Mayo Stuntz (photo courtesy Anne Swanson)
Mr. Warren Trice and Mr. Edward Trice (back row with caps)
Mr. Al Steidel
Starbucks employee Mr. John Bangura graciously gave out free samples and coupons
August 2009

Beacon Field Airport
Fairfax County Historic Marker
Dedication Ceremony

L to R: Harry P. Lehman, Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay, and the Honorable US Congressman Gerry Connolly
Historic Beacon Field, VA August 19, 2009 --Friends of Beacon Field Airport joined in with Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay,  Honorable US Congressman Gerry Connolly, and Harry P. Lehman to dedicate the Historic Marker at the site GPS coordinates 38º46'12.20"N :  77º4'58.33"W .      Master of Ceremony Supervisor McKay welcomed everyone to Groveton and introduced notable personalities in the crowd, Congressman Connolly spoke of the importance of airports in the County's history,  how much history is in Fairfax County,  and the importance of preserving this history, and Harry P. "Butch" Lehman who grew up at City View on the airport property provided a lively brief personal history and significance of the economic impact and pilot training that Beacon Field brought to the area.   Mr. Lehman pointed out that no other airport in the United States is named Beacon Field.

"Memory is the natural enemy of history.   Whether it be bad memory, no memory, faulty memory or created memory, loss of facts is a dangerous thing. We wanted to capture and record the Beacon history before it was lost - we have to do this with the marker and the website."
                                         --- Harry P. Lehman  (excerpt from dedication speech)

Photo Courtesy: Jack L. Hiller.  L to R:  Harry P. Lehman, Supv Jeff McKay, Congressman Gerry Connolly
Photo Courtesy: Jack L. Hiller. L to R: Harry P. Lehman, Supv Jeff McKay, Congressman Gerry Connolly
The three speakers unveiled the marker with the guidance of Mr. Jack Hiller, Fairfax County History Commission Marker Committee, Chairman.   The historic marker program started in January 1998 and is the highest level of recognition awarded by the History Commission .    Beacon Field Airport is the 26th marker approved by the commission.    The distinctive Fairfax County markers display the colors derived from George Washington's Fairfax Militia uniform.  
Harry Lehman and members of the Groveton Community
Mrs. Linda Waller of Supv McKay's office and Mr. Jack Hiller of History Commission
Harry P. Lehman, US Congressman  Gerry Connolly, Anna Marie Hicks
L to R: Harry P. Lehman, US Congressman Gerry Connolly, and Anna Marie Hicks
The marker was installed the day before (in 95 degrees local temperature) by Paynes Lines and Signs of Bealeton using a crane truck to erect the heavy sign onto its post.    Marker installation was a significant task, using 250 pounds of concrete to secure the stanchion in the ground three feet deep.   The total height of the marker is over 10 feet.
Paynes Lines & Signs used a crane truck to erect the marker
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