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Elevation 249 feet, Fairfax County, Virginia
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Beacon Flier Salute !

Mr. Joseph "Joe" Emrico

Mr. Joseph "Joe" Emrico,  a local Alexandria sports car enthusiast, learned to fly at Beacon under the GI Bill following World War II.    He trained with Harry J. Lehman and became an avid aviation enthusiast as well.     Mr. Emrico's Rearwin Cloudster N34825 was a stylish and charismatic bird commanding a presence at Beacon for many years. 

His foreign car shop, "Tschann & Emrico",  was located on Monroe Street in Alexandria,   and captured the interest of Car Life Magazine.    A lengthy December 1954 feature story highlighted Mr. Emrico's repair of exotic cars including Ferrari, MG, and Rolls Royce.   The editors likened Emrico's side-street establishment to a "country doctor's office compared to a big time sports car dealer, by giving equal but cheaper service for the little cars". 
Mr. Joseph Emrico on the Left
Joe Emrico (left) with friends at a Jefferson Manor home in Alexandria
Mr. Emrico specialized in instrumentation mechanical repair.   In 1943 during his tour in the US Navy,  he became certified by Jack & Heintz, Inc. (aircraft parts manufacturer)  to conduct maintenance and repair of specialized military gauges.     Mr. Emrico became locally renown for his speedometer repair services.  Hot rodders, professional drag racers, and hobbyists visited the shop for parts and advice.